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Right here, you can feel this nice charm,
Everything is quiet, surroundings are calm;
There isn't any dark beast to overcome:
Only you and the inner man - with no harm.
Olvasták: 798
Az Ön versének a helye...
Spring is rebirth: life gets busy;
Summer sun is on top - never lazy.
Autumn makes you feel his breeze;
Winter will bring you some freeze.
Olvasták: 734
Likes the whistling of soft breeze among these old trees,
hoping, it will tell what he wants to know today.
Like the others, feels like these old trees;
becomes a hero just for one day.
Olvasták: 712

Mom I say thank you for it to you gave birth to me.
Thank you, because raised, that a man was from me.
I say thank you for mit because you lodged a protest always in the summer, a winter,
You were careful with tenderness in order for trouble not to ripen.

I am here in myself, far from you in distance,
But I feel your proximity, your concern, your attention.
I ...
Olvasták: 654
You are the Sun, who quickly because of the smell dawn.
You're the flowers in the dew, shine like a star.
You're the warm breeze, a caress, a soft stroke.
You are the summer rain, which quenches thirst sweltering.

You are the Field, the colorful, fragrant flowers.
You're the Mountain, who heighten our love.
You're the volcano, which last lava fire me.
You or the ...
Olvasták: 653
Oh, how I wish you'd hug her
I want red lips, to be with you.
I want kiss, hug fiercely thee,
I want to possess the slim, beautiful body.
I want to kiss her white breasts plump moud.
I want brown hair plaits, scent.
Or shiny eyes gentle flutter,
I want your body nice rhythmic tension.
I want writhing sheath, luscious cup
Or faculties of love, convulsive embrace.
Olvasták: 576


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