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Angol versek

You run fast if you hear,
The gun’s noise;
You give up the fight,
If you lose

But why? A country is in,
Your little hand;
You have to win for lot of people,
It will be end

Even if you know, the war is Business,
Nothing else;
And if you stand near to win, it’s good,
For yourself

Just please fight to stronger,
If this country ...
Olvasták: 1316
Az Ön versének a helye...
The weather started, to be cold,
But not very fast;
The trees hair is falling down,
And it’s not the best

We need some sunshine,
That we don’t feel wrong;
Maybe, we should sing,That this Hungarian song

How is it will be start?
Common sing together;
That we’ll have in future,
A lot of great weather

We have to go to ...
Olvasták: 1091
Like a soul, who cames from a deep dream back
A giant dragonfly, who was my friend on there
His colored wings are embraced me softly
We walked on this path, alone and easily

I didn’t afraid there, I won’t be afraid anymore
I’ve seen the blue colour’s resuscitate
Yellows sets by the parts of blue dyes
Under their hands was born the emeralds

Shiny ...
Olvasták: 951
The weather is great for a long,
Tour on the hill;
If you can’t believe it, when you,
Go out and you’ll have good feel

Go around the town with,
Bicycle and some food;
And go to the forest and,
Feel the smells of wood

Looking some animals,
What do they do?
The snake is hunting,
And cows say: Buuu!

In home you look that this ...
Olvasták: 717

You leaved me alone for 2 days,
it seems to me that...2 years,
but our love-story hold on,
length of time will be long...long!

Have You ever been there,
where the Love feels well forever?!
Yes, You know this place,
I hope only in our case!

Dream comes true in the future,
for this we must stay together!
Look at, the God is smiling ...
Olvasták: 748

Arms, cuddle, caress my soul,
My heart desires, love to be collected.
Nice cheeks, blue eyes charm,
Look in the mirror to my eyes.

Pug nose, cherry lips,
Love them all very, raspberry taste.
Golden blond hair, round shoulders come down,
From there, by the rich, shapely breasts hill.

His embrace, gently pushes my body,
Kissing me, never let ...
Olvasták: 708


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