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Beküldve: 2023.12.04.
Ennyien olvasták eddig: 639
Mom - I summoned you so

Mom I say thank you for it to you gave birth to me.
Thank you, because raised, that a man was from me.
I say thank you for mit because you lodged a protest always in the summer, a winter,
You were careful with tenderness in order for trouble not to ripen.

I am here in myself, far from you in distance,
But I feel your proximity, your concern, your attention.
I thank a god dared for me you, - you are always!
I feel your loving heart, and your maternal shelter.

Grief, trouble, you werw watching me if he corroded my soul.
You asked anxiously, kindly, - we my found child?
To yourself pulled over, you stroked my head, - calm down
Boy! - past torturer my grief, eased off my Latvian heart.

Comforted my saint, my soul got injured because of a pain.
Mom, fell so well expensive, guardian your hand,
The torturer settling down on me lost touch with reality because of me suffering,
Your tenderness made my doubt void.
My good mother in my heart, my soul you, - you are eternal for me!

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