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The autumn wind blows, pushed his hand through my hair thin,
Touching pinched my body, Wales.
I'm cold, my coat with reject the chest,
Looks up at the sky, the clouds are competing.

Sit down up, I go, merengue,
Bugs in my face, sparkling sand.
Interfere with my body, causing pain but pain,
Shooting, stunted leaves, broken wood fragments.

I feel pain, the ...
Olvasták: 540
Az Ön versének a helye...
Sigh, if you send me always feel
Maybe the idea, or desire.
This body will be warmer, and my heart.
Shine delight your soul, your face,
Be you happy, and happy day!
Olvasták: 539
Declining paint your face purple Sun radius,
Files on the light and who red kissing lips.
The wistful smile upon you from behind the
clouds the Moon.
Dress envy, which is purple Sun daub
Give me a hug and even thousands of
sparkling stars radius.

Olvasták: 514
Oh, how far from me
Smiles and sighs looking for.
I want tinkling voice,
Lips, drunken kiss.

Hold me, sweet Katic,
I really love.
Birthday is sweet,
You dear, good creature.

Or my dream and hope
Rocking dizzy virtues.
Protect our love a nice,
Heal aching hearts.

Catherine, you fairy much,
Calcine my hope.
Think of our love is ...
Olvasták: 515
I saw my mother's long, but long ago,
I do not know whether it still lives.
I like mine because the poor
I am an orphan, poor lad.

Is this flash soft smile on his lips,
As a young girl was once young.
Butterfish, think of a single mother to me,
I do not think it is far from the farm.

Oh, how wrong Struggles it unto me,
If you have, you can belive ...
Olvasták: 511
Dear Dada, how I miss you,
I love you! mybe because I'm getting old?
See you then as soon as possible,
Why, 'I'II be sixty soon.
Do you even see you home?
Sweet, sweet, origin Shrine,
My mother and I? sleeping cradle.
Olvasták: 451


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