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Hirdessen nálunk

Angol versek

The charming month of May,
Honeyed, luscious kisses clicked.
Fragrant trees, shrubs foliage,
The beautiful flowers shines.

Walk in the sunlight encourages,
Walks in the young human couple.
Fellow faculty embraces the girl
Slender loins curve.

Green Field is located, butterfly fly
Boy and girl sitting on soft grass.
Malicious sun, smell the ...
Az Ön versének a helye...

It is dark night here;
And silent, do you hear?

Yes, I hear that clear;
And I liked it my dear.
This is our place forever;
Nobody go here, never.

I think like this you;
But now where I see to?

You see towards the sky;
After you rest in meadow, lie

It will be, just I say for you ...
Months of the year are easy to remember.
They begin with January and end with December.
January,February - turn around.
March,March,March - touch the ground.
April,May - jump in the hay,
June,June,June - sing a merry tune.
July,July - touch the sky,
August,September,try to remember,
October,November and then December.
Welcome to my Dear
Flower of life.
You're my everything
Thud in my heart.

I love you, I think of you.
The sun is shining brightly,
Hug the radius
Gentle breeze stroke.

Birds singing in the tree,
Wind Lord strumming harp.
Leaves rustle,
They are beat.

Spring, buzz, Song about
Very quake my body
Which way you go, my ...

I see the birds;
They goes to words

And one of million is said;
This winter is the mad

This year, we go to everywhere;
A little rabbit is sitting there

We were in Dubai, Greece land;
A lot of gold and Diamond we found

But happy time is wasn’t everywhere;
Just here is good think for birds in square

They are feeling a love in ...
The lad prince pretends to be calm and happy
but is quite flustered in real - cursing reality
feeling a tough hatred of many things
sleeps in bed creaking under scary sins
here’s the last secret what he wants to hide
By casting shadows from hell and a dark tide.


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