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Beküldve: 2024.06.12.
Ennyien olvasták eddig: 658
Only You
You are the Sun, who quickly because of the smell dawn.
You're the flowers in the dew, shine like a star.
You're the warm breeze, a caress, a soft stroke.
You are the summer rain, which quenches thirst sweltering.

You are the Field, the colorful, fragrant flowers.
You're the Mountain, who heighten our love.
You're the volcano, which last lava fire me.
You or the valley, ln which fly together by fast.

You're the river, a hot body cools down the heat.
You're in Eden, where the treasure of my soul will rest.
You're the one who is happy because my heart sings.
You, or for whom Burning love song comes from.

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