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« Első oldal
She’s a workin´ single mom
Lost her house ,wasn´t born into dream
Was searchin´ for God as she screamed
“I still believe!”
There’s nothing what it seems
and I’ll never understand
How can someone trust in something what never comes

He’s teenage boy,
living on the streets
By 10 he got a gun
So many things he never done
and never will
They ...
Olvasták: 915
Az Ön versének a helye...
Never again,
Never say,
I never said,
Never came.

I never received,
Never the same,
Never game,
Never has been.

New and old,
With fewer,
Whether to say,
It is drawn up.

May be good,
We must not continue,
An old love,
Perhaps it would be good,
The new companion.
Olvasták: 963
Listen and imagine
that surrounds you
destiny is sighing
silent\\\'s sitting in the circle.

It\\\'s listening and diffusing
your fever is burning in me
I\\\'v spotted you.

Your breath lives in me.
Ancient-love sleeps in me.

I feel in your eyes
that you are there with me
and there should not be a day
when it\\\'s not this way.

Not ...
Olvasták: 876
the colours of your melody
changed my feelings so easily
listening to this, it's dreadful
fell in love with you is painful
but i want to hear it so badly
the tune what you play slowly

i feel it inside my soul
maybe i just look like a fool
i almost died because lonelyness
but your song brought me calmness
now i know that i am alive
because of you i ...
Olvasták: 1357
It cannot touch me,
though I wish it would, sometimes...
all that wishful human army
to me it's a sullen compromise.

I walk alone, in the thickest
forest of earthly desires,
among the crowd and beyond.

I try and try hard to melt in,
to feel at home,the isolation be gone
but I see the chaos and I'm tremblin'
and I am again, in this mass, ...
Olvasták: 1029
Here I am, cast ashore,
heaving through these dried lips
that look like dying starfish,
dusty pebbles cracking beneath my back.

I watch the distant waves receding,
carrying the carneval heat away,
leaving nothing but weary hearts behind.

When and where the eclipse began,
only the all-seeing angels could tell,
if you ask me, I'll tell you ...
Olvasták: 1010


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