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Sinkó Sebastian verse

Beküldve: 2024.06.13.
Ennyien olvasták eddig: 1075
A day in autumn
The weather started, to be cold,
But not very fast;
The trees hair is falling down,
And it’s not the best

We need some sunshine,
That we don’t feel wrong;
Maybe, we should sing,That this Hungarian song

How is it will be start?
Common sing together;
That we’ll have in future,
A lot of great weather

We have to go to school,
And many children don’t like this;
Coat, shoes and a lot of tick,
Clothes. We need in autumn these

After, in school we look,
The dead street;
We have to stay this place,
Five times a week

Later, we have to go to work,
That we’ll have money;
That we can buy some food,
And go to funfair, what is funny

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