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Beküldve: 2024.07.17.
Ennyien olvasták eddig: 1114
So It Goes In The Big World
She’s a workin´ single mom
Lost her house ,wasn´t born into dream
Was searchin´ for God as she screamed
“I still believe!”
There’s nothing what it seems
and I’ll never understand
How can someone trust in something what never comes

He’s teenage boy,
living on the streets
By 10 he got a gun
So many things he never done
and never will
They said “go to war in the name of God”
He´s going to get a hit for a case he´ll never understand
Damn ,is that alright ?
You think you know the answers ,
but the questions never end

There´s a woman on the street ,with a baby in her hand
She try to sing lullaby
Pray for better life
She hates her life,hates the world
but like a saint she never moan, never says a word
even knows there´s no way out

And on the end of the day
When we have to report
We say it’s right
but when the justice come
and all these lesson we learned
Just take a breath and you will realize
But now you won’t understand

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