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Quietus (4)
The lad prince pretends to be calm and happy
but is quite flustered in real - cursing reality
feeling a tough hatred of many things
sleeps in bed creaking under scary sins
here’s the last secret what he wants to hide
By casting shadows from hell and a dark tide.
Az Ön versének a helye...
Right here, you can feel this nice charm,
Everything is quiet, surroundings are calm;
There isn't any dark beast to overcome:
Only you and the inner man - with no harm.
Spring is rebirth: life gets busy;
Summer sun is on top - never lazy.
Autumn makes you feel his breeze;
Winter will bring you some freeze.
Likes the whistling of soft breeze among these old trees,
hoping, it will tell what he wants to know today.
Like the others, feels like these old trees;
becomes a hero just for one day.


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