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Easter is a time of love,
A time of death and pain undone,
So we may know the power of
The love that lives in everyone.
Each love we feel, unstained and free,
Redeems us--as with you and me.
Olvasták: 458
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The tiny pink bunny
Is working all day long
Decorating Easter eggs
While humming a song

He is having so much fun
Making eggs for you and me
And small chocolate bunnies
That he gives away free

But when he is finished
He'll bring them your way
Into a big colored basket
On that Easter day
Olvasták: 409
May you have a little sunlight
To guide you on your way,
May you discover little by little
Happiness that's here to stay.
May you grow a little stronger
And wiser with each dawn,
May you have little time to believe in dreams to dream up on .
May all the joy your heart desires
find its way to you,
And may blessings to brighten all your days
Keep on ...
Olvasták: 543
Celebrating Easter
is a bundle of fun
Watching children
hide eggs and run

The Easter bunny
is hopping around
With soft little feet
you can't hear a sound

Hope your celebration
is just as bright
Happy Easter to you
wish you a day of delight
Olvasták: 510


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