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Beküldve: 2024.05.29.
Ennyien olvasták eddig: 459
I love you...

I love you as a grass meadow.
Your smile, your voice, to hug.
Sprinkle yearning soul wound
Balsamic faith - eternal life.

Get noticed now oh, just keep cool
Protect love with my heart to suffer.
Darling, didst thou give me strength,
Sunshine, blooming beauty.

I love you - you are my life,
Feeling my heart dictates - to believe
The love to get - you,
Or crushed me, burning bricks.

Wrong, if you agonize grief, sadness,
I feel my soul wanders, it is folly.
You think how exciting,
Didst thou fly, the comforter.

I continue to stay sweet,
Heaven bless you, forever for you.
Be with me, feel my heat,
Have entered all the parties - the warmth.

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