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Beküldve: 2023.12.03.
Ennyien olvasták eddig: 657
Late love

You have seen me swing you're so smart.
I felt the smell, which is surrounded by tender in
Me, savor fine coffee smells Thee,
They brought sweet as I used to like it.

Hot, fresh, soft drinks, - without her dream - and then
You, the cofee bit I was happy - glad!
Imagined, I will kiss thy lips.
Send e-mail me is always graceful and beautiful things.

Vivid lose consciousness, love-it!
Very nice to me, and very expensive.
Distruptive to the brain, which is Twilight property.
Think much of my life, my dear love.

Muse caught the look, no wonder this.
Please, get me back to me in any case.
It is a pleasure to look at me - I could be a man again.
But you, you also know that since 'no doubt,
Thank you dear - already entered with a smile.

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